High Tecnology  Refractories

We continuously develop and manufacture new heat resistant materials, with innovative technical solutions that allow an easier installation, a longer life, reduced downtime and low cost of installation and maintenance.

Our refractories for aluminium, steel, cast iron, incinerators, ceramic, glass, cement, lime, petrochemicals, boilers and furnaces are produced following the real necessity of our customers, end users and technicians.

A really complete range of dense and insulating castables in various forms:
casting, vibrating, self-flowing, tixotropic, gunning, trowelling;
ramming mixes and plastics in powder or ready to use;
mortars, coatings and moldables;
preshaped blocks in any dimension

and all the equipments and accessories for the installation.

Quality you can count on

Salva employs only the highest-standard manufacturing processes across the board. Each and every stage of production, from the selection of raw materials to end-product testing, is subjected to the most stringent quality inspections, in accordance with national and international specifications and requirements (UNI, ISO, DIN, PRE, ASTM).

Product approval is no problem for users, as only accreditated institutions are authorized to perform chemical and physical analyses on Salva refractories.